If you’re looking to turn your ordinary sofa into a chic seat, all you need is a decorative pillow (or a few). For an instant makeover, here are five decorating ideas on how to play up your seating area with throw pillows:

Texture – Ivory and white look beautiful in any room, but when all the shades are similar, you need to mix things up a bit. So, add texture to make your furniture more eye-catching! For example, try mixing silk and velvet together if you want to achieve a luxurious appeal.

Pairing – Want to create clean lines across your furniture? If so, the key is to make your layout symmetrical. You can make symmetry by placing patterned pillows in front of solid ones. One way to get this look is by adding a dark backdrop with a vibrant bohemian design – it will bring your sofa to life without needing to change up your furniture!

Color – Another great way to dress up your sofa is to play with color. Pillows are a fast and easy solution that allows you to explore color without a big commitment. The trick is to create contrast, so if you have a white or beige sofa, add a color combination of slate blue and plum (or other rich, complimentary colors). 

Narrative – Make your sofa one-of-a-kind by pairing custom-made throws with other textures and patterns. For example, you can buy custom-made pillows with photos of your pet and place them in front of geometrical prints – the perfect way to cuddle up!

Shapes – By changing up the shape of your pillows, you can transform your ordinary sofa into a unique arrangement! While we love the look of traditional square throws, there are plenty of other shapes out there that can make your sofa more visually appealing. With that being said try swapping your square pillows for round ones instead.

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