You can’t go wrong with white countertops! They work in almost every kitchen and have the ability to brighten up your space. But just because your countertop looks good, doesn’t mean it’s an ideal buy. Before you make your selection, consider the following three factors to make sure you choose the right type of material:

Natural Stone. Who doesn’t love having a high-quality product in their home? Not only is this material a one-of-a-kind, but it’s also heat-resistant and extremely durable. However, make sure you get it properly sealed! If you don’t you could risk the possibility of stains that will stick. Some of the most popular natural stones are granite and marble, which are both easy to maintain with a sealing.

Manufactured Surfaces.
Other popular choices of kitchen countertops are engineered. One of the more appealing elements of selecting a manufactured surface is that there are plenty of colors and materials from which you can choose. Some of these manufactured surfaces include quartz and laminate, and if you pick any color in the rainbow it can be made! However, these countertops are more importantly super durable, low-maintenance, and look very similar to stone.

Mix and Match. If you can’t decide on a type of countertop, try mixing and matching. This option is an up-and-coming trend where you can place quartz on the island and marble everywhere else. You can also opt to mix and match colors, meaning you can add black kitchen countertops in one spot and white countertops in another.

Still not sure which kitchen countertop is right for you? If you’re looking for a little more assistance, contact the textile specialists at Triple S. And if you’re past the decision-making process, call us for our professional stone sealing to protect your natural countertops for a long time to come! Triple S has three main plant locations:

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