Choosing a grout color is oftentimes overlooked, but it can be just as important as selecting tile if you want to achieve the best design for your home. While picking your grout color can seem a little tricky, following these three approaches can make the decision-making process easier for you:

1. Matching. If you’re looking for a grout color that blends well with your tile selection then opt for either one shade lighter or one shade darker. The matching approach not only helps to tie a room together, but it also creates a unified look. Bonus tip: this is a great approach if you are using more expensive options like marble or granite.

2. Contrasting. If you’re looking to make your tile pop then choose grout with a contrasting color. By selecting a distinct hue, you can highlight the frame of each tile. Bonus tip: go for a thicker grout if you really want to frame and accent your decorative tile pattern.

3. Neutralizing. If you’re looking for a safe choice that you know you won’t regret then find a neutral shade. The neutral option is something that will appeal to all types of tile, which is why this approach is so widely recommended. Bonus tip: stay within the tan, beige, and gray family if you wish to achieve this look.

While it’s important to choose the perfect grout color, it’s even more essential to consider the type of grout you will be using. This is ensure that the grout and tile bond well together and hold up for years to come.

Are you already past the grout selection process and want to change the color? Triple S offers grout color sealing services that can not only make your grout a different color, but will also repair any damage! We have three main plant locations:

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