You don’t need to live on the beach to create a coastal-inspired room. If you’re looking to give your bathroom tile a facelift this summer, go for a color scheme that will make you feel like you’re right near the ocean. Here are three ideas for a glass tile design that you can install now and keep all year round:

  1. Go for blue. The color blue is a go-to choice when you want to create a beach theme in your home. One of the most beautiful tile options is blue mosaic tile because its light-reflecting qualities and glass texture mimic the clear, blue Atlantic ocean. Bonus tip: a natural palette that includes silver hardware, fresh green plants, and dark wood cabinets make for a serene space that feels just like a spa!

  2. Add shimmer. If you have muted decor in your bathroom, such as pale yellow and light green, you can emphasize contract by using glass tile. This option will make your room feel brighter without branching off from your original design too much. Bonus tip: incorporate a unique tile pattern to add a touch of fine art to your bathroom decor.  

  3. Create an accent wall. It may seem like your options are limited when your space is on the smaller side, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, a small wall in your bathroom is the perfect place to create an accent wall color – a bold design that’s easy on the eyes. For example, placing glass tile on an accent wall can highlight a focal point in your bathroom. Bonus tip: opt for Visionaire glass mosaic tile if you love the look of sea glass. 

Not only does a beach-inspired bathroom look luxurious, but it also brings a little extra light into your space. Once you’ve decided on the best glass tile design for your redecorating project, be sure to keep it looking new! Call Triple S for a professional grout and tile cleaning. And don’t forget to connect with us on social media for more home decor tips! We have three main plant locations:

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