Your furniture is just as comfortable for your dog as it is for you, but when you invite your four-legged friend to sit on your upholstery don’t forget that you’re welcoming dirt too! With summer being a rainy season, your pet is more likely to carry odors inside the house.

If you allow your dog to lay on the couch with you, here are a few cleaning tips to help you keep your furniture smelling fresh:

Dust and vacuum. If your not-so-fresh furniture has removable cushions, take them outside in the backyard and smack them to remove any loose pet dander or fur. Then, vacuum your cushions and the space below them, where you’re most likely to find a build-up of dirt. Don’t forget the arms and legs of your upholstery – fur can accumulate there too!

Deodorizer with baking soda. Baking soda is known to absorb the unpleasant odors in your fridge, so why not try it on your furniture as well? Sprinkling a little baking soda on your upholstery can banish funky dog odors in no time at all. Let it sit overnight for maximum absorbency and vacuum up the powder afterwards.

Use a lint roller. Lint rollers are easily accessible in stores and can get the job done well. These sticky tools helps remove fur and dander that stink up your sofa and chairs. Can’t get a hold of a lint roller? Try wrapping box tape around the outside of your fingers and use that to eliminate fur from the couch.

Spray on repellent.
Sometimes getting rid of all that fur and dander doesn’t necessarily make the odor vanish. If this is the case, then freshen up your furniture using repellent spray – a stain-resistant alternative. You can also opt for adding citrus essential oil into a spray bottle. This works well because dogs don’t love the fragrance, which means they’re more likely to stay away when you need them too.

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