As temperatures spike on the East Coast, we bet you’re looking for ways to beat the heat! With that being said, we know that coming home after a long hot day to a cool floor beneath your feet is one way to do it- did you know that the floors in your home can make a huge difference in the way you feel?

As your Fairfield and Westchester County flooring experts, we’ve put together the following list of top flooring solutions to help you keep cool in your home this season:

White rugs. If you already have a white carpet in your house, you’re in luck! But don’t worry if you don’t if you don’t – there are plenty of lightweight oriental alternatives you can use. White rugs are an ideal option for the summer because they don’t absorb as much heat. So roll out your lighter rug for the warmer season and let Triple S store your darker one until winter comes around again.

Hardwood. One of the most popular flooring options out there is a hardwood surface. This type of floor is ideal for those that attract more sunlight in the summer. Why? Because hardwood doesn’t absorb heat the way carpets do! Ever notice how cold the soles of your feet feel on natural hardwood? If you’ve experienced this, you now know what makes it a top flooring solution for the summer.

Similar to hardwood, tile flooring options don’t reflect the heat in your home. Stone, marble, and ceramic are perfect examples of cool surfaces you should think about installing in your home. The great thing about tile is that you can put a rug down for added warmth when you need it, which makes it a beneficial choice all year round!

Once you’ve decided on the right floor for your home this summer, make sure to keep it clean all season long! Call the textile specialists at Triple S to learn more about our carpet, hardwood, and tile cleaning services. And don’t forget to connect with us on social media for more expert tips! We have three main plant locations:

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