Need an easy way to redecorate your home in time for summer? Just add new curtains! Window treatments are an easy way to spruce up your living space and highlight your interior designing style. Choosing a perfect length and fabric for your drapes can be tricky, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are four popular types of window treatments:

Brushing. One of the most current trends? Two long columns that frame your window. This style is all about adding height to your walls, so the longer your curtains are, the higher your curtain rod should sit! If you’re not sure which fabric to choose, take a look around the room and determine how formal or casual it feels. Cotton, for example, gives more of a casual vibe as opposed to velvet. However, this is really a matter of preference.

Puddling. If you’re not much into the tailored style, try puddling your window treatments – perfect for an elegant appeal! Depending on the height of your ceilings, mount the curtain rod somewhere between 84 and 90 inches high. Placing the rods at this height will give you extra fabric to play with along the floor!

Pleated. Pleated drapes are a clean look for any home! These window treatments gather together to create such a beautiful wavy effect that it’s no wonder so many hotels and restaurants use them too! And because these curtains are clipped onto rings that wrap around the rod, they’re so convenient to swing open when you want a little extra sunlight!

Hemmed. Who ever said drapes need to be long? Hem them up instead! Shorter window treatments tend to give off a more casual feel, especially if you use lightweight fabric, like cotton or muslin. To give you a rough idea of how short these curtains should hang, think about 63 inches long.

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If your curtains are in need of a deep cleaning, contact the textile specialists at Triple S! Professional cleaning methods include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and washing. Draperies are then pressed, sized, and returned to you with new pins, exact length and perfect hemlines.

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