Nothing beats the soft, sand-like feeling of carpet beneath your toes – not to mention the wide array of textures, colors, and patterns to fit the design and layout of your home. Not only does it look nice in your living space, but it also adds functionality. With that being said, we’ve compiled four of the top reasons you should buy carpet:

Added Warmth. Everyone knows that carpet is great for the cooler seasons. The last thing you want is to feel a cold hardwood textile under your feet. However, people may not realize that carpet is also an ideal option for summer! When you walk around the house in barefeet, you want that same comfort you get during other seasons. 

Insulated sound. Not only does carpet keep your house warm, but it also provides sound insulation. By installing carpet in your entertainment space, you can mute the echoes of your surround sound system. The more layers, the better!

Easy replacement. Want flooring that is simple to replace? Opt for modular carpet. Unlike hardwood and tile, modular carpet tile can easily be swapped out for a new one. The beauty of modular carpeting is that if one block gets stained or torn, you don’t have to invest in an entirely new floor. Other durable, stain-resistant options include polyester and nylon.

Allergy relief. While hardwood allows dirt and allergens to go airborne, carpet absorbs it. And even though hard surfaces only require a little sweeping, you would need to clean daily to relieve your allergies. Carpeting, on the other hand, holds in those allergies until you simply vacuum it up.

There you have it – a textile that looks beautiful and functions well in any home. Need we say more?  If you’re still not convinced that carpeting is right for your space, call the cleaning specialists at Triple S. And don’t forget to follow connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for more expert tips! We have three main plant locations:

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