With summer on the horizon, it’s inevitable that more time will be spent outside, which means we’re likely to carry dirt inside the home. Constantly cleaning the floors can be a nuisance and one less chore we’d all like to check off our to-do list, so cut the mess at the source of the problem – stop dirt at the welcome mat with these four tips:

Keep dirt on the doormat. Don’t take a step forward! Place mats inside and outside the home so you bring less dirt into your home. A mat should be long and wide, just enough so you can walk across with both feet upon entering the house. This allows you and your house guests to scuff mud off your shoes before walking into the living room or the kitchen.

Put a limit on entrances. If you want to reduce the dirt entering your home, limit the number of entrances you use. In other words, use either the front door or the back door, but try not to use both frequently. If one of them has an easier-to-clean floor, make that your main entrance.

Make your house a shoeless zone. To keep hardwood and carpet as clean as possible, politely ask family, friends, and guests to kick off their shoes before entering your home and leave them just inside the door. Adding a decorative basket or painted shelf where people can place their shoes will make this gesture more inviting.

Close your doors. Dirt loves to travel and spread all over your house! It hides in all those corners you wouldn’t even think to look or clean, so keep your doors closed. This includes drawers, wardrobes, and cabinets too. You’ll realize that dirt will stay more out in the open, where you can easily vacuum or sweep it up.

Will you think twice next time before you walk through the door? If your carpets need a deep cleaning from all the dirt your shoes are picking up this season, call the textile specialists at Triple S! We have three main plant locations:

Stamford Plant | 400 West Main Street
Norwalk Plant | 337 Westport Avenue
Stratford Plant | 1800 Stratford Avenue  
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