Looking to repaint your home? Before you pull out the paint brush, make sure you’re prepared to keep your fabrics clean! It’s important to remove drapes before painting your walls to prevent stains, but just incase you’ve already got a headstart without removing them, here’s how you can get them looking fresh again:

Step 1. Scrape off wet paint. Before any paint gets absorbed into the fabric of your drapes, scrape it off using a knife. Careful not to push the excess paint into deeper layers of the fabric as this will be very difficult to remove!

Step 2. Wash with detergent. Mix liquid dishwashing detergent with cold water. Dip a clean white cloth into the solution and work it into stains. The best technique is to press and twist your drapes firmly into the paint spot so it saturates.

Step 3. Rinse. Next step is to dip another cloth into clean water and blot to rinse out the detergent. Are all the paint spots gone? If not, apply some more detergent and rinse it out once more. Repeat this process until you are free of stains.

Step 4. Blot remaining stains. You’re almost done! For drapes that are non-washable, blot any remaining spots with acetone. For washable fabric, apply a pretreating stain remover to the remaining stains.

Step 5. Have a professional cleaning. Some paint is too tough to remove without professional cleaning. If stains dry before you get a chance to wash them or detergent isn’t having an effect, take your drapes to your local cleaner.

Call the specialists at Triple S for a professional cleaning today! Our Take-Down and Re-Installation Service can help you protect your fabric while you repaint your home! Our trained professionals will remove your draperies and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and then pressed, sized, and returned to you with new pins, exact length and perfect hemlines. Call our experts before your next paint job and leave the work to us!

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