Rugs are a centerpiece that can either make or break your favorite space. For many homeowners, it can be difficult to find a textile that perfectly fits the layout and design of your room. So how do you make sure you’ve made the right choice?

Here’s four big rug mistakes you don’t want to make when styling your home:

Choosing a small rug. Buying a rug that’s too small will ultimately make your room look smaller. Choose a rug to set boundaries around your furniture and help define an area. Bonus tip: It should be large enough so that front legs of your furniture are on it.

Not layering. Don’t be afraid to layer up on rugs. Try a jute rug, which cleans up nicely if you’re prone to spills and stains. Add a patterned rug over it for a unique, playful effect. You’ll be surprised how neatly your space will tie together!

Skipping the rug pad.
Without a rug pad, you’re bound to slip and slide. Not to mention, it also adds a layer of cushion for your feet – especially beneath a flat woven rug.

Choosing your rug last. Rule of thumb: choose the rug first. It’s sure to grab lots of attention and balance all elements in your room. If you wait until after purchasing accent pillows, you’ll have a difficult time finding the perfect rug.

When you’ve settled on a new rug that suites your home, make sure to keep it looking beautiful! An annual deep cleaning will keep it looking fresh for a long time! Call the cleaning specialists at Triple S! We have three main plant locations:

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 Norwalk Plant | 337 Westport Avenue
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