Believe it or not, indoor air pollution can be worse than even the largest industrialized cities! Poor indoor air quality has been linked to health conditions like heart disease and respiratory diseases, which can be problematic if you stay indoors for hours at a time. We know a burning gas stove and smoking tobacco can contribute to indoor air pollution – but did you know your household furnishings also contribute to poor air quality?

That’s why we’re here to help you choose wisely. See below for some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new rug:

1. Avoid synthetic.
For years, carpets and rugs have been made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers that give off volatile organic compounds (VOC), which include a number of chemicals known to cause health complications.

2. Opt for natural materials.
Choose a  rug made from all natural materials that won’t off-gas those nasty VOCs. Most of these organic materials are biodegradable and recyclable, so they won’t be disposed of forever. Try wool, jute, sisal, sea grass, or even coir (made from coconuts).

3. Look for hidden VOCs.
Once you’re set on an all natural rug, check to see if the material was treated with chemicals or pesticides. Also spot any uses of glue. You want to make sure it’s as chemical free as possible!

4. Check the backing.
While your new rug may be natural, doesn’t mean the backing (or rug mat) is too. Natural latex is a wiser choice than than foam rubber, synthetic latex, or plastic. Any material that doesn’t off-gas chemicals is a good selection.

Once you’ve chosen a new rug that you know will keep your family healthy and looks beautiful, make sure it stays fresh! Call the cleaning specialists at Triple S for a regular cleaning! We are a Clean Trust* certified firm that can help you meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommendations for Indoor Air Quality programs. We have three main plant locations:

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