Draperies and window treatments not looking as fresh as they used to? Soil, dust, and weather conditions are just a few reasons why it’s time for a spring cleaning. To keep your home looking and feeling new, look no further than our expert tips on when to clean these fabrics: 

Be wary of dust and contaminants They cling to your window treatments and continually flow upwards behind them – like air into a chimney.

Give it the smell test Put your face in the fabric. If you smell odors and dust, it’s time to clean.

Check the calendar – Are you due for an annual cleaning? While you can clean your draperies any time, spring is best as summer humidity bonds the soil to fabric. Sunlight and moisture can drastically change the freshness of your window treatments.

So how can you clean them? Best is to vacuum thoroughly at least once a year (especially in spring). Bonus tip: be sure to reduce the vacuum suction as not to damage the fabric.

Need a professional cleaning? Call the specialists at Triple S! Professional cleaning methods include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and washing. Draperies are then pressed, sized, and returned to you with new pins, exact length and perfect hemlines.

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