If not already underway, spring cleaning routines and maintenance needs are definitely being considered. Are you looking for ways to not only make your home a cleaner one, but a healthier one too?

Triple S, Healthier Homes
We have a few tips that might help:
Wipe down countertops regularly. Countertops harbor a great deal of dirt, dust and bacteria, making them a good place to start. A mild cleaner that can refresh the sealer is best to use. 
Vacuum carpets weekly. Since allergens and bacteria get trapped in the fibers, your rugs and carpets can be a major source of health issues and allergies. Vacuuming will help to improve the air quality in your home but a professional should also be contacted for deeper cleanings. 
Vacuum upholstered furniture. Just as easy and as important as carpeting, high-traffic furniture should be vacuumed once a week, as well, and cleaned by a professional annually. 
Sanitize “high touch” parts of your home. To minimize the spread of germs, use anti-bacterial wipes on surfaces that are touched frequently – including door knobs, toilet handles, faucets and light switches. 
Have a door mat or runner at your entryway. Contrary to the popular belief that wood floors make for a healthier home, door mats are actually the perfect way to keep outside germs and allergens at the entryway instead of dragging them through the house. 
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