Tile and stone are beautiful works of art and should be treated that way! With proper cleaning and sealing they will look lovelier, last longer and be easier to maintain. Professional cleaning with specialty equipment can provide worry-free care and lasting beauty.

The condition of the grout – the cement lines in between tiles or stone – is the major factor affecting the overall appearance of your floor. If you take a close look, you might see discolorations in your grout. Sometimes white grout will have yellowed or turned black in areas showing extreme soil conditions.

What services do you need to keep the appearance of your grout and tile in tact? Call a professional like Triple S for the following:

Cleaning only. Have your tiles cleaned up nicely and a clear sealer applied to grout. Sealer is not usually applied by the tile setter because the grout should be cured for 7 to 10 days before applying sealer. The sealer penetrates the grout, making it less porous and more resistant to future staining.

Color sealing.You can have your grout sealed with a color of choice. Choosing the same or a similar color will cover up and hide discolorations. You can choose a different, or perhaps darker, color to hide soil or give the tile a different look. Overall, sealer makes your grout look like new and makes it much easier to maintain.

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