Have you ever brushed your foot across your rug or carpet and experienced a snap or shock you weren’t expecting? This static in your textiles is caused by the friction between your socks or shoes and the carpet and is made possible by the dry and cold conditions a Northeast winter can cause.

Connecticut and the surrounding states have certainly experienced quite the opposite of a mild winter this year. As a result, humidity has been extremely low making way for such static conditions.

Triple S, Carpet Static
While static charge will vary with different carpet types, overall, it is more likely to occur in harsh weather conditions like these. Electrons create a negative static charge when you touch something (such as your carpet). The electrons then transfer to your socks or shoes generating the small electric shock you experience. This can be specifically troublesome in office spaces with computers.

Some carpets have antistatic agents built into the fiber, but you can also purchase antistatic products to spray on others. The best solution, however, is to add humidity to your home or office with the help of a humidifier. Moisture in the air can carry off a static charge as it is formed.

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