A new carpet installation is many things. An exciting and fresh look in your home, for one. To maintain this carpet through various seasons, years, holiday parties and other activities, you’ll want to establish a plan of action for your carpet care.

Here’s a basic guideline.

Know what kind of action you’ll want to take before spills and similar accidents occur. Spot cleaning techniques are effective if performed in a timely manner. Therefore, educating yourself at the time of installation is ideal so you don’t have to worry about doing your research when an accident has already happened. Spot removal tips can be found on our website »

Vacuum regularly. For many homeowners, regularly means about once or twice or week. The truth, however, is that you should really vacuum daily. Find a few reasons why in a previous blog post.

You’ll want to have your carpets professionally cleaned every year to every year and a half. While regular home maintenance is effective and should be done, you can only achieve a deep clean with professional equipment. Learn more about our on-site services here »

Remember, always treat stains as soon as they occur for a longer-lasting and beautiful carpet!

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