With the winter season comes a lot of home maintenance needs. Doors and windows are sealed tight, keeping unwanted dust and allergens trapped inside, and furnaces are running at full capacity – sucking up our energy use and blowing those dust particles back through the home.

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To keep one cleaning requirement under control, we’re sharing a few important tips for keeping your carpets and rugs maintained this time of year:

Vacuum Regularly: As explained in a previous blog, vacuuming regularly is the most effective way to maintain indoor air quality and maintain your carpets and rugs.

Rotate Your Rugs: Rotating your rugs every month or so is a good idea when it comes to maintaining the consistent quality of your rug. Uneven exposure to sunlight and airflow can give your carpet uneven wear and tear or fade.

Try Carpet Protectant Applicants: Vacuuming can be made even more effective, especially for wool, by applying products recommended by your local carpet cleaner beforehand.

Need further help maintaining your textiles through the winter? Call the specialists at Triple S! We have three main plant locations:

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